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MyWay is an upright mobility device that supports children, who cannot stand or walk independently.

Its innovative design allows children to explore and interact in an upright position whilst developing the child’s walking and weight-bearing ability. When supported in MyWay, the wheeled frame allows children to propel themselves about their environment using their lower limbs, keeping their hands free to play and explore.

Product Overview

  • Suitable for children and teenagers aged 1-16 years with a max. user weight of 80kg/176 lbs.
  • MyWay harness provides the core stability required to support head control and limb movement and in turn, enable optimum stepping ability.
  • Adult Connection belt offers a unique opportunity for an adult to attach to the device and control movements or complete therapeutic exercises.
  • MyWay supports the child in an upright posture enabling eye level contact with standing peers.

Product Features

MyWay has many unique and innovative features which sets it apart from other traditional upright movement devices in the market today.

Use the icons below to see the MyWay features

Upper Support Unit

  • Adjustable Gross Height, Fine Height, Prone Angle, Shoulder Height
  • Easy attachment & intuitive design

MyWay Harness

  • Superior support and comfort for the user
  • Guides dynamic sinusoidal movements required for gait
  • Contributes to maintaining alignment
  • Sleek and discreet -wrap around ‘hug’ effect
  • Available in 6 sizes


  • Available in 3 sizes (size 1, 2 or 3)
  • Foldable frame for easy storage
  • Multifunctional Castors

Open Front/Back Design

  • Open front design for interaction & exploration
  • Open back design to allow the therapist to work with the user

Clinical Benefits

MyWay is suitable for children with a range of different postural support needs and can deliver benefits in areas including:

Low Muscle Tone

The harness can provide the trunk support required to hold the child in an upright position, facilitating improved head control. From this position, the child can see where they are going, and the work of stepping is made easier.

Head Control

The adult connection belt and the ability to attach to the product frame enables the therapist to manually facilitate head lift and rotation from the child’s shoulders and/or arms, whilst controlling the movement of MyWay.


The harness can provide some correction of trunk position with improved alignment of the limbs. This has an impact on the direction of steps, potentially improving the child’s control of direction and quality of walking pattern. The resistance on the castors can be adjusted to control the child’s direction of walking.

Fluctuating muscle tone

The harness provides trunk support, thereby reducing the effort of maintaining upright posture with resultant dampening effect on fluctuating muscle tone of limbs.

Optional Accessories

MyWay is available with a range of optional accessories including...

Adult Handles
Adult Connection Belt*
Ankle Guides
User Handles
Hoist Straps

*Please note, the adult handles must also be purchased in order to use the Adult Connection Belt.
** Additional harnesses may be purchased as accessories. Each MyWay comes with a harness as standard.

Sizing Guide

Use the below size guide to match the right size for harness and frame to the child.

Harness Size Age (Approx.) Description Waist at navel level (mm) Colour
1 1-4 Infant 460-560 Purple
2 2-6 Toddler 500-600 Green
3 5-9 Small 550-650 Blue
4 8-12 Medium 600-700 Red
5 12-15 Large 700-800 Orange
6 16-18 Teen 800-900 Grey
Frame Size Age (Approx.) Height (mm) Inside leg/saddle height (mm) Maximum weight (kg)
1 1-5 635-920 220-440 25
2 4-11 870-1190 400-610 50
3 9-16 1070-1490 550-810 80

Useful Downloads

We have collated individual product brochures, user manuals and clinical information to offer you more information about MyWay

Launch Brochure

Learn more about MyWay and its development

Know How

Your clinical ‘Know How’ document for MyWay

User Manual

Guide to set-up and using your MyWay


FAQ’s from therapists and parents

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